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My Thoughts are Not Your Tharts

The 11-year-old children I teach at church will not soon forget today’s Sunday School lesson. We accidentally coined a new word: Thart. The lesson was on Faith and the early Mormon pioneers. We were talking about how God often has … Continue reading

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Which Actor Will Play The Part of President Mitt Romney (Or Whoever Wins The 2012 Election)?

Over the weekend I got a chance to see a portion of the 2008 movie Speedracer.  I only saw a couple of scenes, so I’ll have to go back and watch the whole thing, but the portion I saw featured … Continue reading

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“Socialize This” – White House Visitor’s Records Webpage Reveals Secret Agenda

The Obama Administration has updated the White House website to include visitors logs.  This is a wonderful development and even though I don’t generally agree with many of the things that the administration is doing, this kind of transparency should … Continue reading

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