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Assy-thingummy: Hƿæt Goes Around Comes Around

It is fascinating to watch language usage and meaning change over time. I am especially interested in instances where semantic shifts cause readers to anachronistically misinterpret texts that were written with an older sense. For example, the word “buxom” once … Continue reading

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International Language Nazi Day

By virtue of my own cantankerosity, I hereby ordain and establish the 3rd day of October (being the 10th month of the Gregorian calendar despite its name) as International Language Nazi Day. Henceforth, on every October 3rd, all those who … Continue reading

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Language Unique to the Book of Mormon: “On The Morrow Month”

The Book of Mormon records that Giddianhi, the leader of the antagonist Gadianton Robbers, wrote a letter to Lachoneus, the leader of the protagonist Nephites, demanding that they relinquish all their property and join their cause. In his letter he … Continue reading

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For Good and Evil: Joseph Smith and Google’s Book Ngram Viewer

You may have heard about the cool new Book Ngram Viewer from Google Labs. The result of a joint effort by Harvard University, some traditional book publishers, and Google Books, the project uses a sample of 5 million books published … Continue reading

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