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LDS Conference April 1972 – Common Consent, Sustaining vs Non-Opposition

This post is an entry in the ongoing General Conference Odyssey project. My previous contributions can be found here. Posts by other bloggers writing about the April 1972 General Conference today are linked at the end of this post.  You can also visit the … Continue reading

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2012 Presidential Election Prognostications

Okay everyone, it’s time to make your Presidential Election Prognostications. Between now and Tuesday before election polls start to close, post a comment here or on my social media with your predictions in roughly the following format: Winner: Electoral Votes: Obama … Continue reading

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Why Libertarians In Swing States Should Vote for Mitt Romney

To my libertarian friends: If you are not in a swing state, then by all means vote for Gary Johnson, or write in Ron Paul, or whichever candidate you believe the most qualified and most dedicated to true Constitutional principles. However, … Continue reading

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