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Comment Guidelines

Discussion is subject to the principles outlined in detail by my post:

Bite the Wax Tadpole: A Manifesto for Internet Conversation and Debate

You should read it in its entirety before posting a comment.

Here is a quick summary:

This is my virtual space.

I make no pretense at objectivity, fairness, or balance. I have an agenda of my own and I don’t pretend otherwise: I promote what I believe is true and discuss the things that I am interested in. I present my beliefs honestly and welcome friendly comments from those who politely disagree.

You are welcome to stop in and participate in the conversations as a guest. However, you do not have the right to come into my virtual living room to dominate and monopolize the conversation with constant, lengthy, disruptive or hostile comments intended to promote your own contrary agenda.

If you disagree with me, make an actual argument. Don’t just make contrary assertions. That’s only contradiction. If your comment is just contradiction then don’t bother leaving it because I’m just going to delete it anyway.

I have no obligation to respond to you on your timetable. I have no obligation to respond to you at all. Time and tide do not allow every contention to be addressed. Just because I have not offered a response to your supposedly brilliant contrary argument within your arbitrary time frame does not mean that I do not have one. It does not entail that I have not considered your points, or that I have no rejoinder, or that I concede to your argument, or that I am dishonest. It means that I have a life and a sense of proportion. So save your crowing and your little victory dance for when you actually have convinced me that I am wrong.

Read the complete discussion manifesto here.