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A Lament About Our Post-Constitutional Politics

  The world is full of problems. Serious problems: poverty, crime, injustice, corruption, disease, violence, bigotry, terrorism, and on and on. It always has been. And it is natural for people to want to fix all the problems– or at … Continue reading

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Don’t Drink the Kool-aid: Jonestown was an Atheist Marxist Socialist Cult

In modern Internet culture, references to “drinking the Kool-Aid” have become a rather common idiomatic expression to derogatorily describe anyone whose dedication to a cause or ideology is complete and unquestioning. Most people know that this is a reference to the terrible … Continue reading

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Book of Mormon Socialism: The Marxist Gadianton Robbers

Some LDS proponents of Socialism like to compare capitalism to the infamous Gadianton Robbers in the Book of Mormon. It seems a simple line to draw between the “Profit Motive” of Capitalism and the secret combination of the Gadiantons to … Continue reading

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“Socialize This” – White House Visitor’s Records Webpage Reveals Secret Agenda

The Obama Administration has updated the White House website to include visitors logs.  This is a wonderful development and even though I don’t generally agree with many of the things that the administration is doing, this kind of transparency should … Continue reading

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Barack Obama as Robin Hood: Socialism With a Smile

I have a number of fairly conservative fiends and family members who are considering voting for Barack Obama. They’re rightly fed up with the ineptitude, corruption, and hypocricy of the Republican Party, and they perceive Barack Obama as a relatively … Continue reading

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