“Socialize This” – White House Visitor’s Records Webpage Reveals Secret Agenda

The Obama Administration has updated the White House website to include visitors logs.  This is a wonderful development and even though I don’t generally agree with many of the things that the administration is doing, this kind of transparency should be applauded.  We need more transparency.

However, I thought it was super funny that the service that they have chosen to use to publish the visitor log data on the web, Socrata, has a button right at the top of the display that says “Socialize This.”  Almost every other service in the world uses the word “Share” on their links and buttons for posting information to social networks like twitter or facebook.

It’s a Freudian slip from the collective administration subconscious.



That is all.

UPDATE: 4:00pm – Since I took the screenshot they have hidden the button under a menu selection, and in the menu it says “Socialize this Dataset” but if you view it full screen you will still see the “Socialize This” button. 😉

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