Full On Double Egg Yolk All The Way

The other morning I was cooking some breakfast when I saw something amazing. Here are a couple of photos I took with my phone followed by a rough transcription of my reaction:

“Whoa, that’s a full egg yolk all the way! Double egg yolk! It’s a double egg yolk, all the way! Whoa that’s so intense. It’s starting even to look like a triple egg yolk! Woah it’s a full on double egg-yolk all the way! What does this mean? It’s so yellow. It’s so yellow and vivid! It’s so beautiful! It’s a double complete egg-yolk right in my frying pan! What does it mean? Tell me! It’s too much! I don’t know what it means. It’s so intense.”

Which reminds me of a quote from The Devil’s Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce:

I had an ovation!” the actor man said,
But I thought it uncommonly queer,
That people and critics by him had been led
By the ear.

The Latin lexicon makes his absurd
Assertion as plain as a peg;
In “ovum” we find the true root of the word.
It means egg.

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