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Link Dump – The Most Interesting Articles Regarding Donald Trump & His Campaign

“No American politician is ever as great as his most ardent adulators say or as bad as his most vitriolic detractors say.” – Carson Holloway For better or for worse, the presidential campaign of Donald Trump has certainly disrupted the … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Link Dump: Frozen Bubbles, Phenakistoscopes, Dog Breed Degeneration, and more…

During the course of a week, I often run across interesting links and think “I should share that!” but for one reason or another I never get around to it. Starting today, I will be posting a weekly link dump … Continue reading

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Old is the New New – Returning to the Blog as the Central Platform for Content

For the new year, I have decided that I will consolidate my online posting and sharing back into my blog. Back when I first started blogging in 2004, I posted everything to my blog. Read an interesting link…posted the link … Continue reading

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