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Over time I run into links that I would like to blog about but don’t find the time. So here is a random list of timewasters and interesting links that I would have blogged about had I had the time:

1. Wordy
Wordy is a fascinating and addictive online macromedia flash game that combines the classic word-finding game Bloggle with the falling tile action of Tetris. The only thing that is annoying about it is that it doesn’t recognize a some words that I know are valid. I guess they need to expand the game’s dictionary. Check it out.

2. Javascript Visual Wordnet
This website is interesting on two levels. If you are interested in language, it generates an animated, visual relationship cloud for any word for which you search. Yo can click on any word in the cloud to generate its cloud. From a Javascript programming standpoint it is also fascinating.

3. Same Language Subtitling
Dr. Brij Kothari has an interesting idea for improving literacy through same-language subtitling for T.V. and Movies. I’m curious about the effectiveness of this approach.

4. Zelda Classic
If you loved the original classic video game The Legend of Zelda, this free reproduction for the PC is wonderful. Download it and enjoy!

5. Finding Mudbugs in Utah
An article about how to catch crayfish in Utah (something I wish I had known when I was a kid!).

6. Scientists Say They’ve Found a Code Beyond Genetics in DNA
Check out this article from the NY Times on a possible additional code superimposed on the already familiar DNA code.

7. Death and Taxes
A visual guide to where your federal tax dollars go. It is both captivating and repulsive at the same time!

8. Online Collections at BYU
Too many great resources to describe. Just check it out.

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