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Real Dialogue Hurts: Bruce Nielson Challenges John Dehlin To No-Holds-Barred Interview

Over at the Millennial Star blog, where I sometimes participate, my friend Bruce Nielson has posted a lengthy analysis of the inherently lopsided dynamic in “bloggernacle” and LDS blog discussions that is designed to favor liberal and doubting points of … Continue reading

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Mormon Monuments at the U.S. Capitol and Smithsonian in Washington D.C.

My family visited Washington D.C. for a vacation this October. We had a wonderful time exploring the National Monuments and Smithsonian Museums. There is so much to learn, think about, and do, and never enough time for all of it. It … Continue reading

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Declining Sunstone: An Argument Against Bloggernacle Participation By The Faithful

Many of you know that back in 2008 I created  a portal for Mormon Blogs at NothingWavering.org to promote mainstream and orthodox LDS blogs as an alternative to the often questionable, fringe views of the LDS bloggers collectively known as the … Continue reading

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