Real Dialogue Hurts: Bruce Nielson Challenges John Dehlin To No-Holds-Barred Interview


Over at the Millennial Star blog, where I sometimes participate, my friend Bruce Nielson has posted a lengthy analysis of the inherently lopsided dynamic in “bloggernacle” and LDS blog discussions that is designed to favor liberal and doubting points of view. Believers are expected to allow their most cherished beliefs to be attacked all the day long, but the alternate beliefs of those who attack the church are never exposed to criticism or comparison.

Real dialogue exposes both parties to criticism and examination. Real dialogue hurts.

The post culminates in a challenge to John Dehlin, who is famous for exactly this kind of lopsided “dialogue”, to a real discussion in which he will allow his own beliefs to be examined and challenged.

Check out Bruce challenge to John Dehlin here.

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