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An Epigenetic Argument Against Same-Sex Marriage and Parenting

What is Transgenerational Epigenetics? In 1809 Jean-Baptiste Lamarck published a book entitled Philosophie Zoologique in which he proposed a theory of animal evolution partially founded on the idea that the effects of environmental influences on parents could be inherited by their children. In other … Continue reading

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Gay and Mormon in the LDS Church and at BYU

Mormon social media over the last week has been buzzing about a forum on the topic of same-gender attraction sponsored by the Sociology department at Brigham Young University and a group called USGA (Understanding Same-Gender Attraction) as well as a series of … Continue reading

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A New Name For Faithful Gays: Delta = Deliberately Living Traditionally

The names we use are powerful.  In the scriptures, as well as many ancient cultures, new names are often given to individuals and groups in order to separate them from others, join them together in a common covenant, or indicate … Continue reading

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