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The Flip Side of the Coin – Mormon Youth Bishop Interviews & Abuse

Recently critics and dissidents have been clamoring for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to abolish the common practice of having lay bishops hold private interviews with youth in which they ask them questions about sexual morality and … Continue reading

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Why Companies Like Apple Should Not Give Government Backdoor Access to Encrypted Customer Data

If you haven’t heard already, Apple has published an open letter explaining that the technology company will not be giving the U.S. Government access to their customer’s encrypted data. The government wants that data to use in law enforcement and anti-terrorism. … Continue reading

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Revelation is Real Even in a Policy Meeting in the LDS Church

To keep my previous post on Disagreeing with LDS Prophets and Apostles vs Losing Confidence in Them succinct and to the point, I omitted a tangential but important discussion about Revelation. Some members of the Church of Jesus Christ of … Continue reading

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Breaking: LDS General Conference Priesthood Session Audio and Video Now Available on LDS.org

I don’t know if this is a temporary error or a permanent shift in policy, but the audio mp3 and video mp4 files of the Priesthood Sessions of General Conference are now available on the conference archive pages of the … Continue reading

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