Breaking: LDS General Conference Priesthood Session Audio and Video Now Available on

I don’t know if this is a temporary error or a permanent shift in policy, but the audio mp3 and video mp4 files of the Priesthood Sessions of General Conference are now available on the conference archive pages of the official church website:

April 2009

October 20008

April 2008

Last fall I broke the news that the church was considering allowing members to watch the Priesthood Session live this year by using the planned LDS Account login functionality.  The LDS Account system was finalized and released earlier this year and rolled out to a number of church websites.

Making the audio and video available after the Conference Report Ensign magazine has been publish may represent a new policy for Priesthood session media.

We’ll see if the church makes an official statement.

(Hat tip to reader David S for the tip)

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2 Responses to Breaking: LDS General Conference Priesthood Session Audio and Video Now Available on

  1. Facebook User

    This is welcome news. I’m glad to hear it.

  2. It’s fantastic. I am a railroad worker and most of the time, at leats for the last couple of years, I missed the priesthood session and now I will be able to hear in my mp3.

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