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On Loving Those Who Really Are Your Enemies

When Jesus enjoined his followers to love their enemies, he didn’t simply mean that they should stop demonizing those who they wrongly perceived as enemies because they were different; He wasn’t suggesting that conflict is the consequence of misunderstanding, and that if … Continue reading

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If Mormons Aren’t Christian Then Is John Milton Christian?

Recently, Brother Micheal Otterson, who is the media relations director for the LDS Church, wrote a wonderful essay on whether or not Mormons are Christians. I recognize that Creedal Christians have a specialized definition of “Christian,” and Later-day Saints are … Continue reading

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Will Facebook Settle the “Are Mormons Christians” Question?

Even though I admire how much they have grown and I laud their innovative open development platform from a technology standpoint, I have avoided becoming a Facebook user for some time. It just seems so trendy. However, I recently succumbed … Continue reading

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