Human Puppetry: Matrix Ping Pong Video

I helped found the Maxed Out Puppet Comedy Troupe about seven years ago, and have been performing puppetry ever since. We performed two holiday shows on Saturday, and another one last night.

It is always fun to see what other people come up with in the realm of puppetry. Sometimes real people can be used as puppets. In one of our first puppet related skits, I played the part of a puppet. With that background, I was blown away by this video of a Japanese “human puppet” act.

The puppeteers are dressed all in black, and stand right on the stage while they manipulate their living puppets and the inanimate objects. Hilarious and absolutely amazing:

Watch the video:

Matrix Ping Pong (Windows Media)

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3 Responses to Human Puppetry: Matrix Ping Pong Video

  1. Good to see you back on line, Jon. I’ve been considering firing up a blog separate from my bloggernacle life, as I find there are plenty of things I want to talk/think/write about that have little or nothing to do with the conversations that happen there.

    I love this video. I’ve seen a couple of other videos by this group, one in which they do scenes from “The Matrix” itself, and one where they do some other cool martial arts stuff. I’ll see if I can dig up some links tomorrow.

  2. Thanks, Bryce. Let me know if you do start up a personal blog. I would love to see more videos from this group. I hope you can find them.

  3. Try this link:

    It’s a rapidshare download, which is kind of crappy.

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