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Today Google announced an exciting new tool for Firefox users called Blogger Web Comments . This fantastic little extension for the firefox browser automatically searches Google’s blog search service for posts that link to whatever page you are currently viewing. Then it displays a notification window in the bottom right hand corner of the browser window that shows the most recent blog posts that link to the page. If you click on any of the listed posts, it opens them in a new browser tab.

The notification box is customizable so you can choose to display only one link at a time or multiple links. If you don’t want it popping up on every page you visit, you can hide it so that it only appears when you click on the small icon in the browser status bar and select “view comments.”

The plugin only starts searching for links once the page you are viewing has completed loading, and you can cancel the search before it finishes.

This sort of immediate feedback on any page you visit is really valuable, especially for bloggers.

Of course, Google is also using the tool to promote its own blogging platform, Blogger and If you use Blogger, the Blogger Web Comments extension has a link that allows you to quickly add a post to your blog about the page you are currently viewing.

The blog search, however, is not limited to blogspot blogs.

Download the extension and try it out:

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