Propaganda: Sifting the Truth from the Lies

I am not going to editorialize much here, but I did want to draw your attention to some disturbing material concerning manipulation of information coming out of the Middle East in the mainstream media. Of course every side in a conflict tries to spin the story in their own favor. But there is a point when spin crosses the line into outright lies. And often both sides lie as much as they think they can get away with.

All of us have probably relatively innocently propagated falsehoods from the side we are more likely to trust. The larger problem, as I see it, is when the mainstream media is complicit in propagating information that they know is either incomplete, exaggerated, or outright false.

First, read: Qana The Director’s Cut (WARNING: Contains Images of Dead Children)

Then, watch the following disturbing video from The Second Draft entitled “Pallywood” (18 minutes long) :

Now, with so many people lying, it is difficult to sift the truth. Perhaps the items above are themselves manipulations of the facts. If you have information that contradicts them, please let me know. But at first exposure, they appear pretty damning.

UPDATE: Add the photoshopped photo from Reuters to the picture.

UPDATE 2: And another photoshopped photo from the same source.

UPDATE 3: Unbelievable! More questionable photos are spotted!

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