My Uncle Jams with Governor Huntsman

My uncle, Brent Brown, who owns several car dealerships throughout Utah, is an amazing guitarist. I always enjoyed gawking at his guitar signed by Van Halen when we would visit him as kids. Every once in a while he would pull out his own guitar and play a song or two, but I never remember getting the chance to hear him play with a full band.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I went to check out a news story on Governor Huntsman playing rock music in the basement of the governor’s mansion and found my uncle Brent wailing on his guitar and singing with the governor accompanying on piano.

Check out the online video of them playing classic rock songs (scroll down for links to video of individual songs):

Most people probably don’t know that Brent is also the uncle of the relatively famous classical pianist siblings, The 5 Browns, who are my cousins.

Maybe the governor will invite them up to his basement too and they can do some classical piano arranged for six pianos. They could call it “5 Browns and 1 Musical Politician from Utah that isn’t Senator Hatch”.

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