My New Internet Puppet Show: Rusty & Ollie’s Fun, Facts, and Follies

To-Drip-Or-Not-To-DripWhile a lot of my blogging focuses on topics of religion and politics, long-time readers of my blog know that I have many other interests. One of those interests is puppetry. I’ve been performing as a puppeteer alongside my wife, and my cousins, and some good friends for over a decade.

Until recently, our focus has been on live performances in our Utah community where we have built up a bit of a local  reputation. We teach puppet performance workshops periodically as well.

But now we are shifting away from live performance in favor of internet video. We recently launched our own web-based puppet series for children on YouTube called Rusty & Ollie’s Fun, Facts, and Follies.

We will be releasing new episodes every other week.

Here is a brief series introduction:

And here is the first episode:

It has been a lot of fun to learn about filming and video editing and production. We’re still learning, so the video and sound quality are far from professional, but they will get better as we go.

Hope you enjoy it!  If you do please subscribe to and share the show with your friends and family.

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