Monday Link Dump: 3D Print Your Unborn Baby, Wiio’s Laws, Online Thrift Store, and Water Drop Photos

We live in a very strange technological world. There is a company that will produce a 3D replica of your unborn baby from 3D/4D ultrasound images.


Truth: A co-worker introduced me to Wiio’s Laws of Communication, written by Professor Osmo A. Wiio in the late 1970s’. It’s essentially Murphy’s Law for Communication and is especially applicable to the Internet. (See also: Wikipedia summary of Wiio’s Laws)


Professor Osmo A. Wiio (1961)

The next generation of second-hand clothing stores is here: Ship your used women’s clothing from acceptable brands to Twice for free and they will review, measure, and professionally photograph each garment, pay you for them, and then resell them on their website.


Check out these beautiful high speed photographs of water drops by photographer Markus Reugels.  The images are not Photoshopped. He only uses post-production software to remove things like sensor dust. Tones and colors are naturally processed and shapes and patterns are not digitally manipulated.


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