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Sorry for the lapse in blog postings during the last couple of weeks. Blogging is but one of my time-wasting endeavors. As many of you know, another is Puppetry.

My cousin Rus Wilson, his wife Kelly, my close friend Sean Healy, my wife Chastity, and I founded the Maxed Out Puppetry – Puppet Comedy Troupe nearly a decade ago while still students and recent graduates of Brigham Young University. Since then we have performed at museums, libraries, festivals, parties, churches, and many other venues, primarily in Utah County, but also as far north as the Davis County Library in Layton and as far south as Filmore.

Since then we have been joined by additional puppeteers: Caitlin Shirts, Patrick Svensson, and David Wilson.

We are very excited to present our brand-spanking-new website:

Screenshot of

As usual, the website is still partially under development, but it already has some fun features.

For the first time, those of you outside of Utah can enjoy Maxed Out Puppetry’s original material. The website features a Video Section with streaming video to which we hope to add continually. So far, the response from kids and adults who have visited the video section has been excellent.

You can subscribe to the video podcast with iTunes or another podcatcher and watch the videos on your video enabled iPod. For those of you who, like me, don’t have an iPod, you can still subscribe to the normal video feed with a feed reader like Google Reader. For those who like it even more basic, you can even subscribe to receive notifications of new videos in your email.

For those of you who do live in Utah, the website also features a Calendar where you can find out about upcoming live performances. Like the video, you can subscribe to the calendar with a feed reader or by email to keep abreast of upcoming events.

One additional, experimental feature is a new Puppet Blog, where the puppets themselves will be posting thoughts, observations, and responding to questions and fan mail from visitors. This represents a creative writing endeavor for the members of our puppet troupe.

Two of our puppets will be traveling to Europe at the beginning of September and posting a puppet travelogue, we hope along with some video.

The Puppet Blog also features RSS Feed and Email Subscriptions to help you keep up with new posts.

Feel free to let me know if you run into any bugs on the website.

So gather your kids around the computer and check out some Maxed Out Puppet Videos, then come back to see what is happening on the Puppet Blog, or to find out about upcoming shows. Also feel free to have your children send questions, comments, or fan mail to the puppets through the contact form on the website.

A big thanks to all of you who have supported our quirky hobby through the years! It’s has been, and hopefully will continue to be, a blast!

PS – is rated PG – “Puppet Guidance Suggested” for moderate puppet violence and imitate-able behavior)

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