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J. Max Wilson’s Reactionary Guide to Writing Constructive Comments on the Interwebs

I have often written blog posts that have proved particularly unpopular among some readers. A few years ago I wrote a post that resulted in some significant backlash. After spending too much time engaged in the resulting onslaught of negative … Continue reading

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Strict Comment Policies Facilitate Civil Discussion

Well, my previous article, “Some Thoughts for LDS Members Who are Surprised and Upset about Joseph Smith’s Polygamy“, garnered a lot more attention than I would have ever guessed when I wrote it last Thursday evening. A great big thank … Continue reading

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Comment On Sixteen Small Stones Using Your Facebook Login

Sixteen Small Stones is now integrated with Facebook using Facebook Connect.  Now anyone with a Facebook account can leave comments on my articles here without having to create a new account and remember yet another password. Just click the Facebook … Continue reading

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