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Book of Mormon Socialism: The Marxist Gadianton Robbers

Some LDS proponents of Socialism like to compare capitalism to the infamous Gadianton Robbers in the Book of Mormon. It seems a simple line to draw between the “Profit Motive” of Capitalism and the secret combination of the Gadiantons to … Continue reading

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An Outline of the Textual Structure of the Book of Mormon

For many months now I have been working on a project involving the Book of Mormon with Daniel Bartholomew, which we will be unveiling in the near future.  As part of that project, I have compiled an outline of the … Continue reading

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Why Iraqis Should Read The Book of Mormon: Terrorism, Secret Combinations, and the Surge

Many people more qualified than I have commented on why the war in Iraq has been such a hard slog. I know honest people who believe that the war was at best a terrible mistake and at worst an evil … Continue reading

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Witnesses to the Book of Mormon as Anglo-Saxon Oath-Helpers

I’ve been re-reading Richard Bushman’s biography of Joseph Smith, Rough Stone Rolling , and I just finished the chapter on the translation and publication of the Book of Mormon. When reading about the witnesses of the Book of Mormon, I … Continue reading

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