A Beginner’s Guide to the Utah Neighborhood Caucuses

Sorry that my blog has been so silent lately…I have been up to my ears in more important responsibilities.

But since today are the Utah State Neighborhood Caucuses, I wanted to encourage all of you to attend your Precinct meeting tonight.

I have been involved with my local precincts for a number of years now.

Did you know that unless you participate in the Caucuses tonight it is very likely that some of your elected representatives will be put into office without you having a say in it? For some elections the winner is decided only by those delegates you elect in your caucuses, so that there is never a primary or general election vote.

A friend of mine spent the time to quickly write a Beginner’s Guide to the Utah Neighborhood Caucuses, which I am posting here for those of you who want to understand what the caucus is for and why it is important that you attend.

These are his first drafts, so they could use some editing, but they should be helpful anyway.

Download and read the following two PDF documents. Email them to your friends and family. The first is an overview of what the caucuses are and how they work. The second discusses some real-life Utah politics examples of how elections are influenced by the caucuses.


Hope some of you find this information useful.

Soon I will return to more regular blogging, with some exciting new projects, some new original poetry, and more commentary on things that are important to me.

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