xajax 0.2 beta test

One of my many projects is xajax. I created the xajax PHP library as an open source project earlier this year to help people add Ajax capabilities to their PHP-based web projects.

We have created a beta test of the upcoming xajax version 0.2 release.

For version 0.2 we have refactored a significant portion of the code and we’ve added some great new functionality. (Read the tentative Release Notes )

This beta test isn’t an official release. The last official release was on July 11, 2005. Even though the code is pretty solid we wanted to released it to our xajax community first. If everything goes well with the beta test, we will release version 0.2 very soon.

Many thanks to Jared White, who joined the project at the end of October. Jared has really moved it along with his hard work and great input.

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