Video: Daft Punk Charleston and Dancing

A while ago I wrote about my fascination with Vaudeville and the talent of that era.

This video of some fellows dancing the Charleston in the 1920s’ mashed up with the electronic dance music of Daft Punk is too cool not to share:

[Watch the video on YouTube]

Those of you who have known me in person for any significant amount of time know that I love to dance, though it wasn’t always so. Dancing is an important part of our family culture. I’m not talking about competitive ballroom dance or anything intense like that, though many of us have taken ballroom dance classes casually, and some have even competed on a novice level. When I was growing up it wasn’t uncommon for my parents to put on some music and dance, just for the fun of it. Now that we are all grown, when we get together we often dance—and it is blast.

Now that I have my own children, I love to watch them dance. They are so expressive and full of life, and they are surprisingly responsive to the music; changing their motions to match the rhythm and tempo of the songs. I dread the day when they may become too inhibited and embarrassed by what others might think of their dancing.

Dance is a great blessing and I am so thankful for a family and a church that celebrate our bodies, created in the image of God, through wholesome dance and music. When some day I pass on and I reach the afterlife, I hope that as I am reunited with my deceased loved ones and ancestors dance will be a part of the celebration.

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