Update On My LDS Blog Portal Project, NothingWavering.org

Many of you will remember that about 6 months ago, after getting booted from the most popular LDS Blogs portal, I started a portal for LDS Blogs at NothingWavering.org focusing on more mainstream and orthodox Mormon blogs.

Unexpected changes at my employment, and in our family, prevented me from pursuing further feature developments as I had planned.  But things are finally moving along now.

With Nothing Wavering I always wanted to attempt more transparency and community feedback than is available at most other LDS blog portals.  Finally, I am pleased to announce the new Nothing Wavering Blog where you can keep up with new features and blogs being added to the portal, as well as give your feedback.  Please consider subscribing to the blog’s RSS Feed or Email List to to keep up with what is happening with the portal, since I will not be discussing it much here at Sixteen Small Stones.

New features already announced include the ability to follow Nothing Wavering content with Twitter, a new Nothing Wavering Facebook Group, and plans for a Nothing Wavering Podcast using technology that allows listeners to easily record their own questions, comments, and topic suggestions over the phone to be included in the next episode of the Podcast.

There is also now a Nothing Wavering banner image that blogs included on the portal, as well as anyone else who wants to, can add to their websites to help promote the site.

It should be a fun and interesting endeavor for 2009.  I will continue to blog here as well, but  to keep up with future developments, as well as participate in its direction, please join me over at the Nothing Wavering blog.

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