Now Available: Official LDS General Conference Podcast Feeds

The LDS Church is now offering official audio and video Podcasts of general conference! Now you can receive individual talks in your feedreader, iTunes, or podcatcher (I use Google Reader).

Official Audio Feed
Official Video Feed

During recent sessions of conference I have been linking to the Podcast available through The KSL podcast is great because the sessions become available very quickly, usually before the subsequent session has started. However, the feed from KSL is very poorly managed. This last conference it worked fine for the Saturday sessions, but none of the Sunday sessions ever were posted. It makes me wonder if the feed is being generated by hand and someone forgot to update it.

In any case, extrapolating from the naming of the mp3 files for Saturday sessions, I was able to guess the names of the Sunday session mp3 files, which did in fact exist shortly after each session, and link to them from my blog.

The advantage of the official feeds from is that they will likely be better maintained, and that they offer individual mp3s of each talk rather than semi-sessional mp3s like the KSL feed.

I wonder if the new official feeds will update as quickly as the KSL feed? It would be great if the mp3 for each talk posted shortly after the talk completed.

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