Note to the “Bloggernacle”

If you have no idea what the “Bloggernacle” is then just skip this post.

When I started blogging again, I told the few friends I chose to tell about sixteen small stones that I continue to have no interest in participating in or being even marginally affiliated with the so-called “Bloggernacle.” Well, I have been reviewing my referrer logs and, to my dismay, I have already been both discovered and linked.

Know then that my feelings about the loose association of LDS blogs that calls itself the “Bloggernacle” have not changed in the slightest and I continue to stand by the words of my final post at the Millennial Star.

(How ironic that I just got back from watching The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe—it was wonderful, by the way. The pithy statement “Always winter and never Christmas” and analogies with Edmund and his Turkish Delight seem still seem quite fitting to me.)

Of course, bloggers will do as they please—that is why they are bloggers! However, I hope that the participants of the “Bloggernacle” will respect my wishes by refraining from linking to or talking about sixteen small stones.

If you come here simply to contend with me, expect your comments to be swiftly deleted and comment moderation to be immediately enabled.

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