New York Dolls: Dance Like a Monkey

Some of you may have seen independent film New York Doll1 , about Arthur “Killer” Kane2 who was the bassist for the short lived but influential 70s glam-rock, proto-punk band The New York Dolls3 . Kane eventually joined the LDS Church. I enjoyed the film quite a lot. If you haven’t seen it, go check it out on video.

Well, The New York Dolls, without Kane who passed away in 2004, have released a new song and music video: Dance Like a Monkey.

The catchy song makes a lot of fun allusions and references to the modern Intelligent Design vs Darwinism cultural debates. The video has a lot of awesome visual references to modern events, as well as cultural monkey references (watch for a cartoon Charlton Heston pounding the sand before the remains of the Statue of Liberty, Darwin dancing with a Galapagos Tortoise, and the Flying Spaghetti Monster of the Pastafarians4 ).

Personally, I find a lot of merit in the criticisms of Darwinism from the Intelligent Design movement, I have friends and family members who strongly disagree, but it is fun to step back from the debate and laugh at it a bit.

Watch the Music Video at Google Video

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