New Feature: Recommended Links using Google Reader

I often run across articles, videos, and websites that I would like to blog about but don’t have the time to compose a post around. I hate that I build up an ever expanding collection of links that I intend to blog about but never seem to find as much time to do it as I would like.

Now, thanks to the marvelous Google Reader, I have a solution. I now have a new section near the top of the sidebar of labeled “Recommended Links” that will display the five most recent headlines that I have marked to share in my Google Reader. There is also an RSS Feed that you can use to subscribe to my recommended links, as well as a link that will let you subscribe to receive them in a daily email if you prefer.

When Google Reader was first introduced, I tried it out but wasn’t really that impressed. Since then, however, it has really become an awesome way to collect, follow, and now share content from multiple sources.

If you are still keeping up with news, blogs, or other websites by visiting each one to scan for new content, it is time to learn about RSS Readers and to start using the Google Reader. So go and sign up for an account and make the RSS feeds for Sixteen Small Stones and my new Recommended Links among your first subscriptions.

NOTE: Some of the recommended links will take you to In those cases, it is the site linked to by that page I am recommending and not digg itself. Just click on the title of the digg entry to go to the recommended site.

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