Mormon Friendly Drinks

Many Latter-day Saints aren’t particularly adventuresome when it comes to serving drinks at mormon get-togethers. If you go to a mormon party you will often find that there isn’t much of a variety when it comes to beverages. It is likely that you will have to choose between the most inexpensive generic band of Rootbeer, Lemon-Lime soda, Orange soda, or if it is the season, Steven’s Hot Chocolate.

Faithful members of the church live by a dietary law called “The Word of Wisdom” which prohibits drinking Cofee, Tea, and Alcoholic beverages. Many also avoid drinks containing Caffeine, though it is not explicitly required (the church owned Brigham Young University does not sell cafinated drinks on campus).

Latter-day Saints are also often quit frugal, and this also affects what they drink. I attended a Mormon “bachelor” party recently in a beautiful, multi-million dollar home. What did they have to drink? Generic-brand Rootbeer, Sprite, and water.

So, this holiday season, I thought it would be fun to compile a list of Mormon Friendly beverages that one might consider serving at party for a little more variety. By Mormon friendly I mean drinks that not only strictly comply with the official Word of Wisdom restrictions, but drinks that could easily be stocked and sold at the Creamery on BYU campus—no caffeine; drinks that shouldn’t give even the more fastidious Word-of-Wisdom-Czar any reason to worry.

Here are a few of my favorites, most of which are currently available at the BYU Creamery or Church-owned Deseret Bookstore. They should all be served cold:

Apple Beer Bottle
Apple Beer

Recently, Apple Beer has become my favorite Mormon-Friendly soda. It is not too strong and has a nice subtle flavor and after-taste. It bills itself as the “Soft Drink with a Head.” Get it in the bottles if you can, the flavor is much better that way.

Stewart's Key Lime Bottle
Stewart’s Key Lime

Before Apple Beer, my favorite Mormon-Friendly soda was Stewart’s Key Lime. Stewart’s has quite a number of other flavors too, a few of which I have not tried, but the Key Lime soda is great. A very unique and pleasant flavor.

Sangria Señorial Bottle
Sangria Señorial

I discovered Sangria Señorial late one night on a late-night snack run as a BYU student some years ago. Not everyone likes the flavor, but I love it. Looking for something that tastes exotic? Sangrial Señorial is it.

Please contribute your own favorite Mormon-Friendly drinks in the comments or by email and I will try to add them to the list (with a picture if possible).

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9 Responses to Mormon Friendly Drinks

  1. My wife and I do large-scale BBQs at our house on a semi-regular basis (cf. I always buy lots and lots of bottled soda for precisely the reason you set forth above. (If you go to that link and scroll to about 1/2 way through, you’ll see an assortment.)

    Here are some of the sodas I get (depending on what I can find):

    —IBC (root beer, vanilla cream, black cherry, and diet versions thereof)

    —IZZE (sparkling juice sodas; fruit flavors)

    —Henry Weinhard’s (root beer, vanilla cream)

    —Stewards (key lime, cherries & cream, orange & cream)

    —Crush (orange, grape, strawberry)

    —Virgil’s (root beer)

    —Jones Soda (various unique flavors, such as green apple)

    In addition, there are some smaller, specialty brands that I pick up as the store happens to carry them, including usually some ginger beers (like ginger ale, but with more of a bite).

    I do buy canned sodas for the BBQs as well, but they tend to be Hansen’s (various flavors), Fresca, and some caffeine-free colas. I never buy 2-liter bottles of anything. ..bruce..

    P.S. By the way, Apple Beer is one of my all-time favorite sodas, dating back to my undergrad days at BYU (70s). Every time we go out to Utah to visit my wife’s family and our kids, I buy and drink a six-pack. I think it used to actually taste better back in the 70s, but that may just be my fading senses. ..b..

  2. Non-alcoholic sparkling juices (Welch’s, Martinelli’s, Meier’s). I like the berryish blends and dark grape juices/blends the best.

  3. I’d say that (at least on the west coast) THE fancy Mormon party drink is Martinelli’s sparkling apple cider.

  4. Cran-raspberry juice is great. I’m not particular about the brand.

  5. We love the Galvanina Organic Blood Orange. Our Costco carries them in the fall…

    We also love Weinhard’s Root Beer and all the Izze drinks. Which our Costco also carries in bulk too.

    In the winter months…I love serving Godiva Hot Chocolate (dark, milk, caramel)

    Also a fan of herbal teas – Red Bush and Spicy Plum.

  6. Lately it seems every social activity at my office is a beer break, wine tasting, mojito bender or margarita party. After all, it isn’t a fun time unless you’re anesthetized. I’ve dropped little hints from time to time, hoping for the planners to come up with an activity I could enjoy, too, and recently they found the solution: Buckler. Created by the nice people at Heineken, Buckler is the KING of non-alcoholic beers. I have to admit, compared to the other tasteless swill offered to designated drivers, it’s not bad. And it was so nice of my colleagues to get me to shut up think of me like that. Now I stand in the circle (”How’s that Buckler, Dave?” “Hey, can I get you another Buckler?”). I am now a man. Non-alcoholic beer was made for Mormons. Studies have shown it causes alcoholics to relapse, so it’s not for them, and no self-respecting partyer would drink it– even if they were the driver that night. They’d nurse ginger ales first. So, it’s up to us. Appearance of evil? It’s hot cocoa in a Starbuck’s cup – everyone around me knows I’ve got the Shirley Temple.

  7. Mark Steele

    When we lived in Saudi Arabia we served “Saudi Champagne”, a mix of apple juice and Perrier. Martinelli’s has replaced that now…

  8. meems

    For a really special occasion, Navarro Vineyards in Sonoma makes an amazing grape juice from their wine grapes. It’s completely non-alcoholic but you can get subtle juices made with Gewurtztraminer (sp?) grapes or other types. They usually have a red and a white out each season.

    I used to order a half or a whole case at a time because it was a little cheaper that way. Totally worth the splurge!

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