LDS General Conference October 2008 – MP3 Audio, Streaming Video, and Audio & Video Podcasts

This weekend is the semi-annual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Every Conference I post links to MP3 audio and other Internet resources as they become available.

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MP3 Audio
These are links to the earliest available audio I can find. I will post them as soon as the become available. They will be replaced by links to the official MP3s at the church website as they are posted.

Saturday Morning Session

Complete Session

President Thomas S. Monson

Elder L. Tom Perry

Silvia H. Allred

Elder Neil L. Andersen

Elder Marcos A. Aidukaitis

Elder Dallin H. Oaks

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Saturday Afternoon Session

Complete Session

President Henry B. Eyring

Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

Elder Gérald Caussé

Elder Lawrence E. Corbridge

Elder D. Todd Christofferson

Elder David A. Bednar

Sunday Morning Session

Complete Session

President Henry B. Eyring

Elder Robert D. Hales

Bishop Keith B. McMullin

Elaine S. Dalton

Elder M. Russell Ballard

President Thomas S. Monson

Sunday Afternoon Session

Complete Session

President Boyd K. Packer

Elder Russell M. Nelson

William D. Oswald

Elder Eduardo Gavarret

Elder Carlos A. Godoy

Elder Quentin L. Cook

President Thomas S. Monson

Streaming Video
Live Video, streamed over the Internet, as well as archived recordings of completed sessions is available on demand through BYU and KSL. We have watched the conference through several years in a row now and love it. The Video technology has continually improved and the official video streams from the church website are using the same technology for the first time this year. The video player only works on Windows or Mac OS X. Last year, KSL appeared to be using the same player as, so they may all be actually the same source. Also, starting last year church officially provides a Video Podcast (see the podcast section below).

Official Streaming Video on
American Sign Language

KSL: Video

Last conference was the first time the church provided official audio and video podcasts of the sessions. In past years KSL has also provided a podcast. In past experience, the KSL podcast sessions become available shortly after the session ends, but it has been unreliable. Last year the official audio podcast was posted remarkably fast after the sessions. Understandably the video posts a few days later.

The official podcasts include last week’s General Relief Society meeting, but strangely the video podcast, even a week later appears to only contain audio, not video.

Official Audio Podcast (MP3s of Individual Talks)
Official Video Podcast (MP4s of Individual Talks)
KSL Audio Podcast (One MP3 per Session)

Let me know if you have links to any other great conference resources.


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