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The Rise and Fall of Constitutional Government in America

To celebrate the anniversary of the U. S. Constitution on September 17th, I want to recommend that everyone take some time to review our founding documents and learn about their meaning and purpose. I have repeatedly found that the best … Continue reading

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Why is the Health Care Law Unconstitutional?

Since the passage of the health care law on Sunday, a lot of us have challenged its constitutionality. Even before it was passed we suggested that it would violate the constitution. But since it’s passage I have seen a lot … Continue reading

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Heads We Lose; Tails We Lose: Both Sides Wrong in The Proposition 8 Case Legal Arguments

I’m afraid that whomever wins the day in the California Proposition 8 legal battle, we all lose in the long run.  I’ve been trying to follow the arguments presented by both sides to the California Supreme Court and while I … Continue reading

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Bush’s Unconstitutional Auto Industry Bailout Using TARP

President Bush announced today that because Congress failed to authorize a bailout of the U.S. auto industry,  by executive order the National Government will be bailing out automobile companies using funds from the Troubled Assets Relief Program (TARP) , which … Continue reading

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