My name is Jonathan Max Wilson. Welcome to my personal weblog: sixteen small stones1 .

Having withdrawn, disillusioned, nearly six months ago from my participation in LDS blogs, I feel it is time for me to begin blogging once again.

This is my fourth blog incarnation. My first blog was geared toward politics during the 2004 elections. I then blogged pseudonymously on LDS subjects. I was later invited to help create a new LDS group blog where I dropped my pseudonym and blogged for six months.

Often, I found my former blogs too topically restrictive. In this new iteration I intend to broaden the scope. While I will certainly post about both Politics and LDS topics now and again, I will also be discussing a variety of things that interest me, including web development, computer programming, puppetry, education, literature, languages, puzzles, and poetry. I will also be discussing some of the projects I am involved with.

With such a broad scope, I wanted my readers to be able to easily filter my posts to view only the topics that interest them. Rather than topic categories, sixteen small stones implements a Tagging System, similar to Technorati and Flickr, that allows me to assign an arbitrary number of tags to each post. These tags appear at the top of the sidebar as a “tag cloud.” The font sizes of the tags in the cloud indicate the relative number of posts marked with that particular tag. If you click on any of the tags, you can see a list of all of the posts that have been tagged with that particular word. The tags assigned to a particular article will also appear at the bottom of each post. They may also be clicked to view all of the posts with the same tag. Hopefully, I will soon have tag specific Atom feeds available as well.

For the record, I make no pretense at objectivity, fairness, or balance. I have an agenda: sixteen small stones is intended to promote what I believe to be true and discuss the things that I am interested in. I feel no obligation to give equal time to those who disagree with me on controversial subjects—they already have plenty of virtual bull-horns from which they incessantly proclaim their views as it is. I will not let them commandeer the discussions on my platform as well.

While I am interested in good discussion, here at sixteen small stones it will be a controlled discussion. I have implemented a stringent comment policy that requires that I approve any comments before they appear on the site. It is likely that most comments will be approved. However, your comments appear at my discretion. Any ridiculous complaints about censorship and free speech will be ignored—go set up your own blog if you want to exercise free speech.

That said, I hope you will enjoy sixteen small stones. Thanks for visiting and come again soon.

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