Homemade Grape Plasma Clouds

As if having a blog with a lab notebook grid-paper background wasn’t geeky enough…

Growing up, I always loved home experiment/science trick books like Bet You Can and Bet You Can’t . So when I ran across a web page on how to create a miniature Plasma cloud at home using a microwave, some old fax paper, paper towels, and a grape, I just had to link to it .

Creating Plasma at home has inherent dangers (and can be expensive if it damages your microwave) but it has an undeniable attraction for me.

Growing up, my favorite tricks in the “Bet You…” books involved fire. One of my favorites involved soaking a handkerchief in a combination of rubbing alcohol and water and then igniting it. The alcohol would burn, but the water would prevent the handkerchief from being harmed.

As soon as I have tried creating plasma with a grape in my microwave (I’ll let you know how it goes) I’m going to have to check out this book .

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