Fire on the Foothills in Provo, Utah

As the 4th of July approaches each year in Utah Valley, it has come to be almost expected that a serious fire will break out somewhere on the nearby mountains.

Here is a brief video of the fire burning this evening above the foothills in northern Provo Utah, near the Edgemont neighborhood, as visible from a street near my home:

[Watch video at Google Video]

These fires always cause considerable damage, let’s hope they get it extinguished soon and that nobody is hurt or killed.

UPDATE: Here is some additional video. Forgive the heavy breathing, I had just run to the end of the street and am out of shape…

[Watch the video at Google Video]

Incidentally, Edgemont is where I grew up. I went to Canyon Crest Elementary School, and I have family that lives near there.

UPDATE 2: The fire is mostly under control now, though it looks like they may be airlifting some people out of the foothills. Final video:

[Watch video on Google Video]

UPDATE 3: Despite appearances from last night of having been largely extinguished, the fire still rages on this morning. According to the news, it was started when a lawnmower hit a rock which caused a spark that ignighted the dry grass. No homes have been damaged, and nobody has been hurt.

[Watch video on Google Video]

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