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In addition to being a Utah County Republican delegate, I’m a member of Citizens’ Resource, a group founded by stay-at-home mother Jessica Connors, that organized a fairly successful “Meet The Candidates” event and debates that were held at Lakeridge Jr. High School back on April 8th that many of the Utah County Delegates and Candidates attended.

I’ve been helping Citizens’ Resource organize a PRIMARY CANDIDATE EXPO, open to the general public, that will be held on June 10th at UVSC. The event will feature a debate between incumbent Representative Chris Cannon and challenger John Jacob, as well as debates between the primary candidates in the other Utah County Races. Please go to for details. Then bring your friends, neighbors, and family so that they can all make an informed vote in the Primaries.

In an effort to help Citizens’ Resource become a valuable resource for Utah County, I have also created some online discussion forums for Citizens’ Resource—one for Utah County residents in general, and one for the delegates (or whatever individuals are eligible to vote in each party’s state or county conventions according to the party’s bylaws) of each political party:

Since delegates serve for two years, the Citizens’ Resource forum for Utah County GOP Delegates can be a useful place for us to converse, debate and share our experiences with the candidates in a place where the public can read and benefit from our points of view.

One advantage of the forums over email lists is that they will not fill up your email inbox. At the same time I have gone out of my way to make sure they feature tools to help you follow specific conversations by subscribing to receive email notifications when new posts have been made to a specific topic or conversation of your choice that you desire to follow.

It also features RSS Feeds so that you can subscribe to any specific topic or discussion with a feed aggregator program or service like Yahoo 360, Google Personal Homepage, or Bloglines. That way you can follow only the conversations that are pertinent or important to you while not being bogged down by those that are not.

The Citizens’ Resource website also features a public calendar to which candidates and organizations can submit upcoming events. Hopefully it can become a central calendar for candidates to let the public know about chances to meet them.

If you live in Utah County and would like to find out how to make a more informed vote, bookmark

(Some of the functionality is very new, so please report any hiccoughs directly to me)

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