Articles on Illegal Immigration

Of all of the articles I have read concerning illegal immigration, there are a few that I consider exceptional. As a delegate to the County Convention for Utah County, I wanted to post links to these articles. Hopefully they can help provide an amplified context and wider pool of facts for candidates and delegates as well as other citizens.

The most informative and comprehensive of the articles appeared in the website of City-Journal magazine in Winter of 2004:

The Illegal-Alien Crime Wave
by Heather Mac Donald

The second appeared on the website of FrontPage magazine on Feb 17, 2006. When I first read it, it seemed a bit alarmist for my tastes, but the recent protests have convinced me that reconquista really is part of the agenda:

The Second Mexican War
by Lawrence Auster

And finally, many state politicians emphasize that illegal immigration is a Federal issue and that there really isn’t much that can be done on a state level. But as the article by Heather Mac Donald cited above outlines, it is really a lot more complicated than that. The following blog post from the conservative Claremont Institute, reviews and supplements the Mac Donald article above and illustrates that part of the problem involves the return of a practice that most of us only read about in relation to antebellum U.S. history: Nullification. Nullification first raised its head under President Andrew Jackson during the Nullification Crisis of 1832. The concept was supposedly annihilated by the Yankee victory in the Civil War, but it is back with a vengeance in relation to Illegal Immigration:

Sanctuary Cities: A New Civil War
by Edward J. Erler

I hope that Utah lawmakers, candidates, delegates, and citizens will read these articles for a more expansive view of illegal immigration and let them inform their positions.

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