Aris Rutherford [Updated]

I recently ran across a fascinating biographical article from the Minneapolis StarTribune about a man named Rutherford Aris. The article is almost three months old, but I think it is still worth linking to.

Rutherford Aris retired from his position in the chemical engineering department of the University of Michigan Minnesota in 1996. He also held joint appointments in the university’s departments of Classics and Near Eastern Studies. His mathematical models revolutionized the field of chemical engineering.

He is also a devoted Christian and has used his influence to cultivate Christian belief.

Read the article to learn more about this fascinating and inspiring man.

UPDATE: Aris Rutherford passed away on November 2nd of this year. You can read an obituary here . The original article I linked to appears to be gone now. You may still read a description of the “Professor as Pilgrim” symposium inspired by him here .

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