Alan Keyes @ the Provo Library June 21st 6:30pm

Nationally recognized conservative thinker and politician Alan Keyes will be speaking this Wednesday, June 21st, in the Grand Ballroom at the Public Library in Provo, Utah from 6:30 to 9:00pm on the subject of immigration and border control.

Alan Keyes is an electrifying orator and an excellent thinker. He was the first politician I ever heard speak that I actually had to go home and look up a word he used in his speech in the dictionary (He described a certain policy as a political Nostrum ).

Whatever your position on illegal immigration and border control, go hear him speak this Wednesday. If my past experience is representative, you will come away from it with a new perspective and an elevated level of debate on the issue.

Personally, I’d like to see both congressional incumbent Chris Cannon and his challenger in the upcoming primary election, John Jacob, present at the event, as well as state representative incumbent Jim Ferrin and his challenger Steve Sandstrom. It would be great if these candidates would be there to speak with people about the issue in the context of Mr. Keyes speech.

Don’t miss it!

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