A Lamentation

So many languages I want to learn; books that I want to read; poems I want to write; songs I want to compose; projects that I want work on; businesses I want to start; things I want to create; skills I want to develop; places I want to go; adventures that I want to have; amazing people I want to spend time with; thoughts I want to express; problems I want to fix; principles I want to prove; mysteries I want to understand; systems I want to revolutionize; revelations I want to receive…

Sometimes the feast is so overwhelming that I nearly starve to death. I am so anxious to partake of the fullness of life that it paralyzes me. Instead I waste my time in trivialities, picking at scabs, or worse, in sin. And I am left to rage at no one but myself. And the rage itself consumes an unforgiving minute that would have been better spent on so many languages I want to learn; books that I want to read; poems I want to write…

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