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Witnesses to the Book of Mormon as Anglo-Saxon Oath-Helpers

I’ve been re-reading Richard Bushman’s biography of Joseph Smith, Rough Stone Rolling , and I just finished the chapter on the translation and publication of the Book of Mormon. When reading about the witnesses of the Book of Mormon, I … Continue reading

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The Consistency of the LDS Church’s Position Regarding Legislating Marriage

On May 26th, the prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and his two counselors sent a letter to be read in all of the LDS congregations in the United States urging members to contact their Senators … Continue reading

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The Upcoming Train-Wreck Between Religious Liberty & Same-Sex Marriage

In debates I have participated in over same-sex marriage, its proponents have often asserted that the practice would have negligible societal effect. They maintain that after the standardization of gay marriage everything will continue as it has. Such an assertion, … Continue reading

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