LDS General Conference October 2007 – MP3s, Streaming Video, and Podcast

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UPDATE: MP3s of most sessions, as wells as MP3s of each individual discourse in the sessions are now available from the official church website.


Once again we are enjoying the General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Each conference, I try to post links to MP3 audio and other resources as quickly as they become available. Not everyone can listen to or watch the conference as it is broadcast, but internet technology has progressed to the point that anyone can participate and listen to the words of the living Prophet, Twelve Apostles, and other general authorities of the church regardless of their schedule.

MP3 Audio

The links below are to the earliest available MP3 Audio files. They are often available shortly after each session ends through the podcast. As MP3 files are made available on the official church website, the links will be changed to point there.

Saturday Morning Session

Saturday Morning Part 1 – MP3 Audio File (24 Mb)
Saturday Morning Part 2 – MP3 Audio File (24 Mb)

Saturday Afternoon Session

Saturday Afternoon Part 1 – MP3 Audio File (24 Mb)
Saturday Afternoon Part 2 – MP3 Audio File (24 Mb)

Sunday Morning Session

Sunday Morning Part 1 – MP3 Audio File (24 Mb)
Sunday Morning Part 2 – MP3 Audio File (24 Mb)

Sunday Afternoon Session

Sunday Afternoon Part 1 – MP3 Audio File (24 Mb)
Sunday Afternoon Part 2 – MP3 Audio File (24 Mb)


Streaming Video at (Spanish, Portuguese)
Streaming Video at KSL

Video is available both live as the conference is broadcast as well as on demand for past sessions, which are available immediately. So you can literally watch them at any time. This is the way we are watching conference this year. Our first time watching this way was last April, and we experienced some technical bugs, but this fall the experience has been, so far, bug-free.


October 2007 LDS General Conference Podcast from KSL. Subscribe with iTunes, another podcatcher, or even Google Reader and listen at your leisure or on your iPod.


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3 Responses to LDS General Conference October 2007 – MP3s, Streaming Video, and Podcast

  1. I recently replace an ancient iMac with a PC running Ubuntu. I was afraid that I would have to go back to the iMac to listen to conference—and indeed, I haven’t yet figured out how to play WMA files on the Linux box yet. But…

    BYU’s Classical 89 is one of the default Internet radio stations in Banshee. And it’s streaming conference. Sweet.

  2. My laptop is also running Ubuntu and it has been pretty good, though we have had to watch conference on my wife’s laptop, which is a Windows machine. The Podcast, however, works just fine through Ubuntu. 🙂

    Thanks for the tip about classical 89!

  3. This technology is really amazing! I’m in the Gambia for work, a country with no organized Church units, and I was able to enjoy much of General Conference live.

    You may want to note that the Church now posts the priesthood session of conference (with ASL interpretation) on The interpretation is distracting enough that you wouldn’t skip conference to see it, but for those of us who didn’t have access to a stake center, this is a major blessing.

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