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ScriptureLog for WordPress – Flooding the Internet with The Book of Mormon

Before I get into the tedious specifics, let me get right to the main announcement. Daniel Bartholomew and I are very excited to introduce you to ScriptureLog. [We appear to be having some issues with our web host.  We hope … Continue reading

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Updated Software, Theme, and Comments Policy

I have long resisted running my blog on WordPress because so much of the actual code is messy and because I prefer a more object oriented approach than it employs.  I chose Textpattern for many reasons that at the time … Continue reading

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HOW TO: Recover Accidentally Deleted Photos From Your Digital Camera

Just after Christmas, my wife was looking through the more than 300 photos on our digital camera that we had taken between Halloween and Christmas. Our four year old daughter had snapped about 30 photographs the day before and the … Continue reading

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PHP Bug: The magic __call method and overriding methods in child classes

This article is about a technical aspect of computer programming and since I know that many of my readers are not computer programmers, and of those that are, many do not program in PHP, you may safely ignore it unless … Continue reading

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