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The Book of Mormon for Geeks: Sentiment Analysis of The Book of Mormon

Here is a visual summary of the entire Book of Mormon generated by applying computational sentiment analysis to every verse and then graphing a moving average of the results. I’ve been working on it for a few months when I … Continue reading

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IE JavaScript Bugs: Overriding Internet Explorer’s document.getElementById() To Be W3C Compliant Exposes An Additional Bug In getAttributes()

It’s time for another technical article. Those of my readers who aren’t interested in this sort of thing can safely disregard this particular post. The next time someone asks you why web programmers prefer Firefox to Internet Explorer, send them … Continue reading

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PHP Bug: The magic __call method and overriding methods in child classes

This article is about a technical aspect of computer programming and since I know that many of my readers are not computer programmers, and of those that are, many do not program in PHP, you may safely ignore it unless … Continue reading

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LDS Tech: Roll Your Own LDS Blog Portal!

Over the last couple of years I have been approached by various individuals looking for a programmer to develop an LDS blog portal. There are, of course, already a couple of popular portals for keeping up with blogging by LDS … Continue reading

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